Porter.AI is a Digital and AI-first diagnostic platformOur Marketplace+SaaS platform enables make assessments ridiculously easy and super affordable. Now that’s just half the story. The other half is the quality of work that we enable (yes… MBB kind!)We provide digital marketplace for productized knowledge IP and consulting talent cloud powered by sophisticated execution software that enables the work itself.We are building an exclusive invite-only community. Apply and we will get back soon!


Porter.AI is designed to augment professional judgement of consultants designed by consultants for consultants to execute qualitative assessments and diagnostics. It does so by automating and augmenting : delivery workflows, data collection, analytics and benchmarking through use of sophisticated AI and Digital Technologies

Spreadsheets Bye Bye!

Replace manual spreadsheets and unwieldy disparate tools with a centralized robust enterprise-ready cloud-based SaaS platform. It helps you to convert every client interaction into an IP “asset”

Digitalize Methods

Enables un-precedented capability to digitalize your proprietary diagnostic and assessment frameworks. Helps you build hyper-scalable “assets” and cut down delivery timeline by more than 50%

Eliminate Grunt work

Automates significant components of project delivery workflows, data collection, analytics and benchmarking. This means you can spend more time on more value-add activities which is what your clients want too!

Sophisticated AI & Digital Tech

Leverage power of AI for cutting-edge diagnostics delivered through innovative digital platform that exponentially improves speed, scale and quality

Powerful Insight mining and Benchmarking

Data is the new oil! Porter.AI was specifically built to enable unprecedented ability to perform bench-marking and insight mining through unique workflow and innovative data model

Simple, Intuitive and Elegant

Most importantly, we designed the platform to make it easy for non-tech users to use and deploy easily with little or no help. We applied cutting-edge research in human-computer interaction so its simple, intuitive and elegant

Value Proposition

We believe that use of our platform can help consulting firms, independent consultants and those within organizations playing consultative roles drive the following KPI's:

Deployment Cycle Time

Cycle Time to convert methodology to a deployable digital asset and digital asset to using it on project and gather data

Speed to Insight & Knowledge

Speed with which you can generate project / engagement / topic specific insights and convert insights to rich knowledge

Quality of Insights Quotient

Scalable capability to generate higher quality insights augmented by AI that can continue to improve

Speed to Benchmarking

Speed and granularity of transformation of cumulative project specific insights into cross-project benchmark knowledge-base